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Sustainability for us

For us, sustainability is not a stamp on our brand but a mission that guides us in our choices and regular practices. It's a journey of discovery, innovation and creation for a better tomorrow that we embarked and we are devoted to. 


Our bags are manufactured locally in Bucharest in a small workshop that shares the same values as us and treats employees with compassion and respct.  


Our fabrics are recycled and certified by the Global Recycled Standard.


We build a community around conscious production and consumption and spread awareness on the different choices you can make to create a better reality for our Earth. 



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Single-use plastic bottles are gathered, disinfected, shredded, and melted to produce an extremely thin yarn that will next be netted into fabrics of incredibly high quality. Compared to virgin polyester, the rPET fabric has a much lower carbon footprint and also decreases the necessity for virgin materials. Moreover, it is fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

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